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If you’re still searching for a last-minute Christmas gift for that animal lover on your list, consider a gift certificate for a custom pet portrait.  My very talented friend Frank van Boxtel has a remarkable gift for capturing their spirit and soul on canvas. With vivid colours and generous brush strokes, he lovingly highlights all of the little details that we love about our pets.

We currently have two of his paintings hanging in our home; one of our dog (pictured below) and one of our cat, which he thoughtfully gave us as a wedding gift. If you’re interested in a beautiful and truly meaningful piece of artwork, please consider having Frank paint a portrait for you.





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Getting ready for the holidays

Well, it’s been snowing which means I have been knitting. I am trying to wrap up some last-minute Christmas scarves and cowls. Simple knitting still manages to be a(n enjoyable) challenge for me. Holiday greetings have been coming to the mailbox, and I have enjoyed receiving them as well the beautiful stamps that will go in my collection.

I feel like I have been moving in slow motion lately, crossing off only the bare essentials of my to-do list. Work. Eat. Sleep. Hydrate. Knit. Blog is not on the list these days. I have a tendency to do things at the last minute, so hopefully the next ten days are enjoyable and allow some downtime in between getting things done.

Rainbow Cowl

Paige Paisley


Queen Anne's Frost

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