Armchair Gardening

This is one of the first books I reach for when I have an overwhelming bounty  of produce, or a couple of ingredients I don’t know what to do with. It is really an encyclopedia- thick and heavy, full of information on varieties, preparation but with a few simple, creative recipes for each type. It also has the most captivating still-life photographs of luscious fruits and vegetables served in a farm kitchen, prepared with rustic wooden cutting boards and dished up in well-loved pottery.

Of course, this book always gets me thinking about growing our own vegetables. My fantasies are often overly ambitious and I have to remember to know my limits. Especially since I will be nine months pregnant in June. How much gardening can I realistically commit to? I’m not sure yet… In any case, that hasn’t stopped me from ordering a few seed catalogs to peruse. On my wish list so far? These purple and yellow string beans look divine. What are your plans for summer gardening?


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  1. Hi Cait! I hope you are well.

    This looks like a marvelous book. I have yet to grow any vegetables so I think my summer gardening will be the usual – roses, hydrangeas and whatever perennials survive our shady property!

    Have a great weekend.



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