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Things have really changed around here, and now we are mostly ready for a new little person to move in. Hard to believe we have less than a few weeks left. Now I can focus my attention to more fun and leisurely activities like cooking, decorating, and crafting little things for baby. Until I need a nap, that is.

I’ve embroidered some motifs on some plain white onesies, and even got some sewing machine lessons from one of my best friends so that I could make crib sheets. What a huge help that was, and I am so glad to have crossed it off my list. Will post about those later…

We also found some really great deals on used baby items. There were a few things that were on my list that I was able to get for half the price online. Buying new is nice, but it is so satisfying to know you are giving something a second life- baby items are used for such a short time. Roxie seems happy with this purchase:

 cat bouncer

tummy camera

goose feather

raindrops embroidery



  1. I'm so excited for you, Cait!! Looking forward to the announcement of the new arrival!!!



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