Things to Come

I have yet to believe the calendar: it says Spring is here but we are still buried under several feet of snow. At least the sun is shining these days, so the snow is sparkling! I came across a notebook I started keeping last Spring, to jot down the changes that always remind me of the warm weather to come:

Spring 2012
coyotes in the forest meadow, March 20
daffodils near the river, April 12
white butterflies, April 15
one last snow, April 23

So far this year we haven’t seen many hopeful signs, except the return of the Canada Geese. Last week we saw pairs of them here and there; the future parents of fuzzy, chubby little goslings. According to last year’s notes, they should be arriving in early May.

Gosling Spring 2012

Gosling, Spring 2012


Nesting Behaviour

Things are slowly coming together to create a nursery in the nook of our home office. We are still waiting for some furniture to come in before we can really get started, but I do have some artwork picked out already. I have been collecting pieces for awhile, mostly nature-inspired, of course. Here is my collection so far:

Large Owlphabet Poster, Alphabet Art, Owl Art, Education Tools, Nursery Art

Owlphabet by Stacie Bloomfield of Gingiber

Minimalist Photography, duckling photo, nursery decor, little black duck, black & white art, minimalism, child's room wall art, 8x10 Print

Little by Amy Tyler

Quest, 8.5 x 11 print

Quest by Cathy McMurray

Bird No.28

Bird No. 28 by Geninne Zlatkis

We don’t have a lot of wallspace, but hopefully I can come up with some kind of arrangement so that I won’t have to hang anything over the crib.

There are a few other treasures I’d like to share as we put this room together for our baby, Things I have been collecting and some vintage pieces that I have saved from my own childhood. There will also be some things that are still in the process of being knitted and stitched…

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