In Colour

Flowers are finally starting to show their faces around this town. Patchy carpets of scilla are popping up all over the grounds of the farm gardens. Lemon-yellow sprays of forsythia are bursting forth in our own backyard, and a sky-high display now graces our dining room table.

scilla spring

forsythia painting

blanket knit

In baby news, I finally finished the blanket I have been working on since Christmas. It is basically this one by the Purl Bee, except I chose to knit random stripe widths so that I could use the wool remnants that were generously donated for this project. My only regret is that my edges are not very straight on one side- I will need to learn an edging stitch on the next one. I’m on a learning curve!


Silly Goose

Before all of the snow had melted (there was still quite a bit, actually) we went down to Mud Lake for a walk. I spotted this funny-looking Canada Goose:

silly goose

The white face and patchy colouring stand out the most, but then I realized his feet and beak are orange instead of black! I have looked it up but I am still not certain if this is a natural colour mutation or a hybrid between a Canada Goose and a Greylag. As usual there seem to be a lot of theories on the internet. You can see a Canada Goose with normal colouring in the background of this photo:

silly goose 2

I have seen a goose like this twice before, just further down the river in years past. I can’t be certain if it’s the same one, returning to the same area. I know I took photos of it but I can’t find them. Must organize photos…


Check out some of these amazing photographs from Mud Lake that CPAWS posted recently on their facebook page. I can’t believe there are owls nesting there! How come I never see these things?



I’ve added a couple of new prints to the shop. They are remind me a little but of Autumn, but that’s what it looks like outside these days- very brown! Most of the snow has melted, but the green hasn’t quite sprung yet. We are supposed to get either (one last?) dump of snow tonight, or possibly an ice storm. I hope it doesn’t last!




Ring, ring!

Some news on the shop! Awhile back I signed up on Society6, and only recently posted some things for sale. So far I have listed my absolute favourite prints (which you can still find in my Etsy Shop), except now they are also available to purchase as stretched canvas prints, stationery cards and… iPhone cases! I keep browsing through them and I am honestly tempted to get one for myself, if I hadn’t already bought a foxy one last fall. Here is a sneak peek:

I hate to do a purely promotional post, but I promise you there are some exciting things on the horizon! Spring is finally here (I think) and I will be getting outside a lot more with the camera. I can’t wait for those warm, sun-filled days, can you?

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