This morning a doctor’s appointment pushed us out of the house for a walk. I’ll admit I spend a lot of time indoors these days. It’s just easier to have everything we need at home, rather than packing it all up to set up camp somewhere else. It’s also getting colder out there. Regardless, we bundled up for the trip, but with the sunshine it was actually warmer than the forecast suggested.

Because it was such a lovely fall day, I decided to bring my camera and wander on the way home. Some of the best photos are taken looking up at the leaves in the trees, but my first instinct as an explorer is to look down. Underfoot never disappoints.

fall coral

fall blackeyed susans

fall colour

fall lavender

fall ground covers

fall oak

fall purple yellow

fall 019

fall zinnia

fall berries



Things are chugging along here. The past week has been a flurry of making, baking, and visiting with friends I don’t see often. And our first cold of the season, thankfully short-lived. Something called “four-month-old sleep regression” has put a kink in the solid bedtime routine that we have enjoyed for the last several weeks. Harder to settle, and noticeably fussier. Patience is the remedy.

baby polkadot

silhouettes nature BW

I am working on a couple of sewing projects that I hope turn out nicely enough to share. After a busy week I am looking forward to a few quiet days. Time to go for a leaf walk before the trees are bare.


The Hourglass

Yesterday I managed to find a few stems to tuck into a little autumn bouquet. There’s nasturtium, asters (wild), roses, spindle leaves and berries that hang over from the neighbour’s side of the fence, as well as rosemary and a few sprigs of basil that started flowering.

Autumn Floral

It has been a beautiful autumn so far, one that I wish I had more time to breathe in, photograph, and write about. My days have been so full; I don’t get a lot checked off my to-do list except washing diapers, and finding time to eat (or prepare food) is a constant challenge. But, I am enjoying every minute of being a mother. She is a pure delight, which more than completely makes up for the fact that I have hardly any time to myself anymore. When I do have a little bit of quiet after she goes to sleep, I usually turn in when she does.

Just turn the hourglass over.

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