Autumn Gifts

Although we are experiencing a bit of a heat wave today, we have been loving the cool weather lately. We had enough wind and rain to kick me into knitting mode- which was just fine by me! I had until mid-September to knit a birthday gift for a little friend of ours. I have never knitted a hat before so I needed the extra time to get it right. The little mitts were easy-peasy, and I’ve almost finished some for my girl. I’m now using my Ravelry account, which has been really helpful for keeping track of everything.

mitts and hat

sept 2014 113

I continue to pick up little bits and pieces from walks; autumn is so great for that. Acorns, seed pods, rosehips, insect wings when I’m lucky. I am collecting things with the intention of using them in my pottery class (!) that starts in November.

sept 2014 213

sept 2014 107

Such a golden time of year~ escape with your camera if you can!


Cabin in the Woods

How did we make it through the summer without a weekend at the cottage until now? Partly due to the fact that my husband works Saturdays- it’s a long drive if we’re only staying for a day. And traveling with a baby is overwhelming if it’s one day or one week. The amount of stuff I needed to pack for fewer than 48 hours was kind of ridiculous. A cooler for food, milk and bottles, a stack of cloth diapers, clothes, a few toys and books, plus my own essentials. I really did try to pack light. Once there I just needed to unwind. I’d had exactly 2 hours of sleep the night before and didn’t get much more that night either, once we realized the baby had a cold. Other than lack of sleep, we were all happy to be there and to enjoy the outdoors. We explored familiar spots in the surrounding woods and I wandered a little while, alone with my camera.

slugtree branchwooly bear

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